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Community Center


Day Care Center

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Our Main Directives

Priority One: The Community Center Building
The Community Center is located in the heart of Ivory Park, near schools and markets. Local government officials have granted community leaders access to and control over the buildings to bring all the aspects of the Ivory Park Project into one complex. The Community Center will be a hub of day care, health and nutrition services, after school activities, and senior services for the township. It will house the Ke A Bona eye clinic, the Suppa du Mamma soup kitchen, youth and senior programs, the Sedimosang day care center, a nutritional program for AIDS orphans, and the library.

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Priority Two: The Library at the Community Center

The Library at the Community Center will be a center for learning, literacy, and community building. It will allow children from sixty schools in Ivory Park to have access to books written in a variety of South Africa’s eleven official languages. The library will be targeted particularly for youth and children. However, literacy is an intergenerational problem, so there will be programs for children to learn with and from seniors, older youth, and other adult volunteers. The local schools will also be able to rely on this library for their students.

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Priority Three: The Sedimosang Day Care Center
The Sedimosang Day Care Center began with a dedicated volunteer teacher working in a one-room shack and has grown into a vibrant seven-room center with a strong staff of teachers, care givers, and cooks. Over 170 children come five days a week – many of them AIDS orphans. They learn the fundamentals of language, reading, writing, math, and social studies. The teachers are not only helping them develop the skills they need to succeed in school, but also they are teaching the children how to value themselves, their bodies, and their minds.

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Priority Four: The Suppa du Mama Soup Kitchen
The Suppa du Mamma soup kitchen started as a way to provide seniors with little to no income with two balanced meals a week. This program has become a vital source of community building for seniors in Ivory Park. The seniors come together for fellowship and support. They bring what little they have and combine it for a meal to feed dozens. They are identifying key needs in their lives, finding creative solutions for long-term change and finding new ways to connect intergenerationally with the young people who will be tomorrow’s leaders.

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